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John Laurens
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Player: Denise
Canon: Hamilton
Canon Point: Post-death
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 01/07/2016

Contact: [ profile] oswaldears
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If you would like to leave any comments regarding my portrayal of Laurens, this is the place to do so! Please let me know what you think!

Also, if you're uncomfortable by the whole 'based on a real dude' thing you can let me know here so I can try to avoid having him tag you. Laurens was severely depressed, which I know can be uncomfortable for many people. No hard feelings!
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Player: Denise
Contact:  [ profile] oswaldears
Age: 26
Current Characters: N/A


Character: John Laurens
Age: 27
Canon: Hamilton
Canon Point: After his death

Background: John is the son of Henry Laurens, one of the richest plantation owners in the colonies. While Henry is distant, detached, and largely unloving, John could not be further from his opposite. Following his mother's death when he was a teenager, John's father sent him abroad to finish his schooling. Somewhere along the way, John's passion for equality was kindled, leading him to become one of the loudest voices for abolition in his time. Soon after finishing school (and marrying the woman he got pregnant out of little more than a strong sense of honor) he left Europe and sailed back to America, wanting nothing more than to join the revolution. He quickly became an aide de camp for General George Washington. It was here he met his closest friends -- Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and of course, Alexander Hamilton. Never one to give up a fight, he wasn't about to let up on his battle against slavery either, and devised a plan to help free at least a small amount of slaves. He believed it would be simple to convince those in power to allow him to form the first black battalion, promising those men their freedom in exchange for their service. After all, even the most anti-abolitionist slave owner couldn't disagree with helping out the war effort, right? Unfortunately for Laurens and those men, the minds of southern slave owners were not so easily swayed in the 18th century. He never stopped trying though, and was lobbying for this up until his untimely death in a mostly-pointless skirmish towards the end of the war.

The musical focuses strongly on his friendship with Hamilton, as well as his unwavering bravery in his ambitions to end slavery. There are some minor contradictions between the musical and history as well, such as Laurens being present at Hamilton's wedding. I will be using the musical as my main source of canon with historical fact to embellish the character. In instances where there is contradiction, I will be going with the musical's canon.

Personality: John's most defining trait is his unbridled bravery. Whether on the field of battle or in his personal life, he's not one to be afraid of letting go, standing up for his beliefs, or what others might think of him for doing so. He's the kind of guy who would walk right up to a monarch and say anything he wants, because what's the worst that could happen? He regards his life as having no purpose, unless he can accomplish something, so he will take any measure necessary to do just that, even if it gets him killed. Which, incidentally, it did.

He also has an overdeveloped sense of honor. Not just for his personal honor, but the honor of others as well. He entered into a loveless marriage because he didn't want the mother and child to be disgraced, he challenged Charles Lee to a duel to defend Washington's honor. There is little he hasn't done in the name of honor. Naturally, this combined with his bravery results in everyone being astonished that he didn't die on the battlefield sooner than he did.

Laurens wears his emotions on his sleeve, and is very frequently loud and rowdy. He's the kind of person you'd bring along to a party, if you wanted that party to end with everyone standing on top of tables singing at the top of their lungs. That's not to say he is without his lows as well. His extreme closeness with his friends, most notably Hamilton, causes him extreme loneliness whenever he is away. His relationship with his father is another cause for distress as well, as John constantly seeks approval and attention from his uncaring father, yet so infrequently receives it. His deep passions for achieving equality, be it racial or between classes, results in an equally deep sadness whenever met with indifference or opposition to his cause.

Abilities: None, he's just a normal human. A reckless human, but normal.

Alignment: Thras. Jesus Christ, Thras. Bravery is undoubtedly his most defining trait, to the point where Hamilton describes him as "redefining bravery". His willingness to put the needs of those being oppressed above his own life allows him to actually overcome many fears (or, at least, to ignore them) and fight for what he believes is right.

Other: Nothing springs to mind!


Sample: Test Drive Thread! Let me know if you need any additional writing as well!


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John Laurens

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